Best Torrent Search Engine to Find Torrents


Best Torrent Search Engine to Find Torrents

Torrents are the best way to download anything from the Internet.Be it anything Movie,Games,E-books or whatever you want.All you have to do is download the torrent client and torrent file and and you can start downloading the particular file you want.To find the torrent file you need a Torrent Search Engine ,you can’t just go on any search engine like Google and search for that file.Torrent Search Engines will help you to search for any particular torrent that you want to download.If you are currently using uTorrent then you can also use its internal search to find torrent files but I like searching on the web because you can get the comments from the other people and also check if there is any malicious content inside it.

There are many private as well as many public torrent sites but I am going  to only showcase here the Public torrent sites.These are good torrent search engine in case you are not able to find the torrent file from any particular torrent search engine.

Best Torrent Search Engine List :-

1.) :

According to me ,Torrentz is the best search engine for finding torrent files.This is the site where I usually land for finding torrents.You can also create your profile at this site and monitor your torrent file using feeds .The best part is that it shows us the torrents from all the major sites.Check out

Torrent Search Engine

2.) VOrtex Search :

VOrtex searches torrent from all major sites like piratebay,kickass,isohunt etc.You can login here using your google account.Check out VOrtex.

Torrent Search Engine

3.) Scrape Torrent Search Engine :

This is also a very good search engine which comes with a nice layout.Check out Scrape Torrent.

Torrent Search Engine

Among all the 3 Torrent Search Engine ,I personally use

Best Torrent Search Engine Sites :-

1.) The Pirate Bay :

Torrent Search Engine

Many people believe The Pirate Bay is a synonym for BitTorrent.This site was started a decade ago and still running after many raids by FBI and facing very hard times.It currently has about billion page views a month.

2.) Kickass Torrents :

Torrent Search Engine

This site was founded in 2009.This has faced many troubles like Internet blocks , domain seizure and despite of so many troubles this site is still growing day by day.

3.) Extra Torrent :

Torrent Search Engine

Extra Torrents has lot of traffic and this is the fourth most visited torrent site.This was suspended by its domain registrar this year.

4.) YIFY – Torrents

3 years ago everyone was unknown to this movie release group but now it is the best movie piracy brand present.This has faces many internet ISP blocks.


This was started in 2013 just after the shutdown of the , This site now has millions of page views in a day.


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