BTDigg, the first DHT ‘trackerless’ decentralized torrent search engine


BTDigg, the first DHT ‘trackerless’ decentralized torrent search engine

Despite DHT being included in major BitTorrent clients for years, the very first ‘trackerless’ torrent search engine has only just launched: BTDigg.

DHT is a decentralized and distributed technology that enables users to download files from nearby peers without contacting a central tracker. BTDigg crawls the massive DHT network, hopping from peer to peer, and slowly builds up an index of every torrent in existence — in theory, anyway.

The exciting thing about BTDigg is that you now don’t have to upload a torrent to a tracker or indexer to share something. BTDigg will eventually stumble across your shared files and index them. Of course, the irony is that BTDigg centralizes the decentralized DHT network, defeating any of its privacy and security benefits.

The main thing holding BTDigg back, though, is a truly atrocious interface and almost complete lack of functionality. It’s green and orange, presumably in an attempt to look like old monochrome monitors. The search algorithm itself is awful — and there’s absolutely no way to refine your search, either. A search for “Glee EZTV” brought up a seemingly random and unchronological listing of episodes — with lots of multiple results, too!

Still, it’s a fun proof of concept. We’re sure that future versions will be better…


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