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The Pirate Bay remains online and working as of last check, the homepage is loading and users can download the torrents of their choice.

But this situation can be changed soon. Numerous torrenting sites have been taken down in the previous days, somehow representing the rights holders. And government authorities are fast closing in on TPB, ExtraTorrent and other torrent destinations.

According to the reports, sites suddenly went offline following raids conducted by Ukrainian authorities that are supposedly working with the U.S. anti-piracy group Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The said operations led to the arrest of scores of FS.to operators and the numerous site servers in the country.

But one thing is sure that anti-piracy agencies are working hard enough to force torrent operations out of business. And true enough, French authorities have recently seized 12 servers of private music tracker ‘what.cd’. It is believed to be the cause of the site’s voluntary shutdown move this week.

TorrentFreak said SACEM, the organization that is equivalent of MPAA in France, that the the operations against What.cd. The popular music tracker was pinpointed as causing an estimated damage of €41 million to music creators.

From the year 2014, French officials and SACEM have been working to give an end to illegal activities facilitated by What.cd and the latter going offline is the fruit of their labour.

TorrentFreak said in a separate report that another cyber locker operation in Ukraine has sent out advisory to millions of its users that the site’s coming up demise is indeed happening, and soon..

“We ask all users to delete files from the archives on EX.UA by 30/11/2016. Users of the EX.UA email service should also be advised that this service will soon be moved to a new domain,” operators of the site were reported what TorrentFreak had said.

According to the Digital Music News, ExtraTorrent is highly popular in several countries, including the US. So, possibly, on top of the takedown list are ExtraTorrent.cc and the current King of Torrents, The Pirate Bay. Both are acknowledged as the best alternatives to Kickass Torrents and Torrentz.eu.

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week – 11/07/16 http://www.btdigg.in/top-10-most-pirated-movies-of-the-week-110716/ Thu, 10 Nov 2016 06:09:45 +0000 http://www.btdigg.in/?p=605 Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week – 11/07/16

The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. ‘Jason Bourne’ tops the chart this week, followed by ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’. ‘Finding Dory’ completes the top three.

jbournreThis week we have five newcomers in our chart.

Jason Bourne is the most downloaded movie.

The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise.

RSS feed for the weekly movie download chart.

Ranking (last week) Movie IMDb Rating / Trailer
1 (…) Jason Bourne 7.7 / trailer
2 (…) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children 7.0 / trailer
3 (1) Finding Dory 7.7 / trailer
4 (2) The BFG 6.6 / trailer
5 (…) Ouija: Origin of Evil 6.6 / trailer
6 (3) Suicide Squad 6.7 / trailer
7 (…) Bridget Jones’s Baby 7.3 / trailer
8 (4) Bad Moms 6.5 / trailer
9 (5) Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (HDTS) 6.4 / trailer
10 (…) The Secret Life of Pets 6.7 / trailer
Torrent Site 1337x Hopes New Design Will Prevent Search Engine Bans http://www.btdigg.in/torrent-site-1337x-hopes-new-design-will-prevent-search-engine-bans/ Wed, 02 Nov 2016 11:33:01 +0000 http://www.btdigg.in/?p=602 Torrent Site 1337x Hopes New Design Will Prevent Search Engine Bans

Torrent site 1337x.to has enjoyed a massive spike in traffic in recent weeks, mainly due to the demise of KickassTorrents. However, due to a Google ban of its homepage the site is not always easy to find. With a new design, 1337x hopes to turn the tide.

1337xlogoFor many veteran BitTorrent users, 1337x is a familiar name. The site has been around for many years and was generally known for its lively community.

While 1337x hasn’t been at the center of attention much, the past year has been quite an eventful one for the torrent index.

After weathering a revolt of its moderators last December, this summer 1337x suddenly had to deal with a massive spike in traffic after KickassTorrents was shut down by the Us.S Government.

Most new visitors came in through Torrentz, and these disappeared just as quickly when the torrent meta-search engine called it quits in August. However, traffic has been steadily increasing since, as the graph below nicely illustrates.

“To be honest, it has been a rollercoaster with traffic,” the site’s operator tells TorrentFreak in a commentThe end result is that 1337x.to now has a steady place among the most-visited torrent sites, currently ranked in the top five. Still, the site is not always easy to find for newcomers as the homepage has been taken out of Google’s search results due to a takedown notice.Traditionally, the homepage listed a variety of popular torrents, so Google has no other option than to remove the URL when Feelgood Entertainment reported it last year.

To address this issue and prevent similar problems in the future, the site recently released a new design. Aside from various layout changes and using a responsive design, the homepage now only features a search box, no torrents.

“Due to our old index being blocked by search engines, new users were having issues finding the website. We developed a new index page that contains only search, so we don’t get blocked by search engines in the future,” a notice on the site explains.

TorrentFreak spoke to the 1337x operator who doubts that Google will reinstate their homepage right away. However, the new design should prevent similar problems in the future.The new design has been in the planning for a very long time already and spiraled a bit out of control. Initially, the plan was to only update the homepage, but it didn’t stop there.“Seeing how cool a responsive layout could look we decided to make a whole new frontend. That literally took months to develop, and we changed backend code as well, which fixed several bugs and issues that were in the old version,” 1337x’s operator tells us.

And the work is not done yet. The next step is to release the new forums which people will be able to use with their existing 1337x account. If there are no major issues, this will go live in a month or so.

In moderator ‘relations’, progress has been made as well. While some have left the site for good, others came back and continue to remove spam and fake torrents with some new and improved tools.

The 1337x.to operator is mostly looking ahead at the moment. Work on the site and moderator features is far from completed, but the team is trying hard to move a few steps closer every week.

Trumpbots are drowning out other voices in a torrent of tweets http://www.btdigg.in/trumpbots-are-drowning-out-other-voices-in-a-torrent-of-tweets/ Thu, 20 Oct 2016 05:07:33 +0000 http://www.btdigg.in/?p=599 Trumpbots are drowning out other voices in a torrent of tweets

Twitter bots programmed to support Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of content around the first debate between the two candidates running for the US presidency on Sept. 26, according to new analysis (pdf) by the Project on Computational Propaganda at Oxford University.

There were four times as many pro-Trump messages from bots than pro-Clinton messages, the analysis by Bence Kollanyi, Philip Howard, and Samuel Wooley found. The researchers analyzed 9 million tweets between Sept. 26, when the debate took place, and Sept. 29.

A larger proportion of tweets supporting Trump also appeared to be generated by bots compared to pro-Clinton messages. More than 30% of the pro-Trump tweets analyzed by researchers came from accounts that are suspected to be bots, because they tweeted over 50 times a day—a barrage of tweets that is well beyond that of the average user in the study, who tweeted once a day.

Bots can punch well above their weight when it comes to tweet volume. About 20% of all tweets around the presidential debate are thought to have been sent by bots, the researchers conclude, or just 0.5% of all the users in the sample.

The researchers can’t draw any firm conclusions on how the bots affected the electorate watching the debate. But it was clear that the Trumpbots were more effective than their rivals, using hashtags consistently and producing a consistently higher volume of content throughout. The study didn’t look at who owned or operated the bots, and there’s no evidence that they were part of the candidates’ official campaigns.

Howard told the BBC that using bots cleverly could boost a candidate’s grassroots support: “These days it’s about engaging with your support base and constantly feeding them information, and certain hashtags that will keep their level of interest high.”

A flood of information can also confuse or hide issues, as sociology professor Zeynep Tufekci at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has observed about the glut of information produced around this election campaign:

Howard and Kollanyi previously found that Brexit bots were producing larger volumes of messages than Remain bots ahead of the EU referendum, and we all know how that ended. The army of voluble bots in the US presidential race will be looking to have a similar impact.

uTorrent’s New Altruistic Mode Ensures You Give More Than You Take http://www.btdigg.in/utorrents-new-altruistic-mode-ensures-you-give-more-than-you-take/ Thu, 29 Sep 2016 11:35:36 +0000 http://www.btdigg.in/?p=596 uTorrent’s New Altruistic Mode Ensures You Give More Than You Take

BitTorrent Inc. has introduced a brand new feature for its uTorrent and BitTorrent clients. ‘Altruistic Mode’ is aimed at people who always want to share more than they download. While this is normal behavior for many users, Altruistic Mode has a strange quirk. Once enabled, downloads using the feature may never complete. But of course, altruism isn’t about receiving.

utorrent-logo-newAs the name suggests, file-sharing is all about sharing. In the old days this would be achieved by having folders full of files that anyone could take. These days, with BitTorrent’s distributed nature, it’s more about sharing content and associated bandwidth.

With that in mind, good torrent etiquette dictates that one always shares at least as much as one downloads. So, if a file is 1GB in size, it’s accepted that the user should try to share 1GB back. This is known as a 1:1 ratio. Those who upload 2GB will achieve a 2:1 ratio and those aiming for 3:1 will need to upload 3GB to others.

Generally, the more people upload the healthier the swarm, so with that in mind BitTorrent Inc. has just introduced an interesting feature to new builds of their uTorrent and BitTorrent clients. It’s called Altruistic Mode and manages to be both straightforward and somewhat confusing.

Essentially, Altruistic Mode is aimed at users who want to absolutely guarantee that they are always maintaining a 2:1 ratio (2GB uploaded for every 1GB downloaded). At first view one might think that the same goal could be achieved by downloading 1GB and letting the client seed 2GB back. However, that relies on others joining the swarm later and as mentioned earlier, Altruistic Mode wants to guarantee a 2:1 ratio, not just aim for one.

So how is this achieved? Well, in normal situations torrent clients always upload as much as they can anyway, so Altruistic Mode achieves its goals by downloading less.

The initially confusing end result here is that people who enable Altruistic Mode could find that due to their client’s insistence on maintaining a 2:1 ratio, the torrent they’re downloading might never complete. It is called Altruistic Mode for a reason and when seen in that light, the importance of a finished download places second to a healthy swarm.

BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen says that the effects of Altruistic Mode on a torrent will depend on how that torrent would behave in the same swarm in regular ‘download’ mode.– If Download Mode would upload at a greater than 2:1 ratio then an Altruistic Mode peer will have very similar behavior.

– If Download Mode would upload at a ratio between 2:1 and 1:1 then Altruistic Mode will upload less and download a lot less than Download Mode would, resulting in a 2:1 upload to download ratio.

– If Download Mode would upload at a ratio of less than 1:1 then Altruistic Mode will do very little uploading or downloading.

“The precise definition of Altruistic Mode is that it initially downloads two pieces and after that, every time it uploads two pieces worth of data it downloads one more,” Cohen explains.

“This is a simple and reliable strategy for making sure that you never get much worse than a 2:1 ratio. It results in all the behaviors described above, which do have some technical caveats….but the essential message is right in every case.”

Cohen says that a 2:1 ratio was considered a logical choice, particularly given that a 3:1 ratio or higher has the potential to impose severe restrictions on some swarms. Ironically, if too many people decide to act selflessly and turn the feature on in the same swarm, everyone’s download may never complete.

“Going for a higher number [than 2:1]could also cause swarms to no longer have a complete copy of the file if too many peers are in Altruistic Mode, which would harm not just the one peer in Altruistic Mode but other peers as well,” Cohen explains.

“Because of this, we feel that a 2:1 ratio is a sweet spot and aren’t offering any user configuration options for it. You may get ratios of greater than 2:1 in Altruistic Mode, but in those cases you could have used regular Download Mode and gotten the same results.”

For those not familiar with how BitTorrent works (and certainly many casual users), Altruistic Mode is a bit of a head-scratcher, to say the least. And, given the prospect that a download might never complete with it switched on, it seems unlikely that swarms will be inundated with clients using the mode.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting addition to the uTorrent and Mainline BitTorrent clients and described as “an experiment” that could be further developed.

“If this goes well we may roll out another feature in the future where a peer starts out in Altruistic Mode and later switches to regular Download Mode, which would not change the upload ratio significantly but would help other peers download faster at the beginning, so peers who want to get a complete file eventually but aren’t in a rush can allow other peers who care about getting it sooner to finish first,” Cohen concludes.

Altruistic Mode is available in uTorrent 3.4.9 and above, and BitTorrent 7.9.9 and above. It is turned off by default but can be unlocked in Preferences/BitTorrent and then activated for individual torrents.

TorrentHound And Kickass Shutdown: Top 5 Torrent Alternatives http://www.btdigg.in/torrenthound-and-kickass-shutdown-top-5-torrent-alternatives/ Sat, 24 Sep 2016 15:52:56 +0000 http://www.btdigg.in/?p=593 TorrentHound And Kickass Shutdown: Top 5 Torrent Alternatives

TorrentHound recently followed the steps of Torrentz in voluntarily shutting down its operations. With this, other torrent alternatives have had high traffic as file-sharers look for new sources.

Tech Times reported that The Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent have gained more users since TorrentHound unexpectedly stopped operations. This is the third time that a major torrent site closed down in recent months.

Last July, Kickass Torrents was shut down by U.S. authorities. Afterwards, Torrentz voluntarily stopped its operations as well. It is believed that Torrentz’s closing was to prevent the company from facing the same legal issues as Kickass.

Similar things are being said about the closing of TorrentHound. However, the company’s founder told Torrent Freak that the shutdown was because of its dwindling popularity.

“It’s a combination of less traffic, less revenue and our bills piling up,” the anonymous founder said. “Then add on constantly getting bugged by anti-piracy agents, just wasn’t worth the headache anymore.”

For those still looking for torrent alternatives, University Herald shared other websites that you can check. As of this writing, these websites are still in operation.

1. Extra Torrent

It was noted that Extra Torrent has taken the title as the best and largest Torrent indexing site globally. It has 13 million torrents and has had enormous amounts of traffic due to software and ebook downloads.

2. The Pirate Bay

This website also has a large collection of properly indexed torrents. It was taken down in late 2014 but was able to resurface.

3. NewTorrentz

This new site claims to be “a clone of Torrentz.” It is a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine that combines results from several search engines. It reportedly has about 32 million active torrents in its index.


It offers indexes of several up-to-date torrents. It also provides a way for users to share information as they use the torrents.

5. Popcorn Time

This website allows users to stream media content. It is facilitated by peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol, which enables it to deliver high quality media streaming of up to 1080p.

Torrent Site Founder Faces Outrageous Damages Claim, Lawyer Says http://www.btdigg.in/torrent-site-founder-faces-outrageous-damages-claim-lawyer-says/ Mon, 19 Sep 2016 12:10:31 +0000 http://www.btdigg.in/?p=587 Torrent Site Founder Faces Outrageous Damages Claim, Lawyer Says

A lawyer who represents Julian Assange and took part in The Pirate Bay trial says a file-sharing case he’s currently involved in has the most unreasonable claims for damages he’s ever seen. Per E. Samuelson says the case against the founder of torrent site SwePiracy contains a claim for more than $3m in damages, for a single movie.

Founded back in 2006, SwePiracy grew to become one of the most famous private torrent sites on the Swedish scene. With that reputation came attention from anti-piracy groups and local authorities

In the wake of the “guilty” verdict in the Pirate Bay trial during April 2009, SwePiracy disappeared offline. It reappeared just a few weeks later.

Anti-piracy group Antipiratbyrån (now Rights Alliance) said that during this downtime, the operators of the site took measures to improve their security. However, three years later those efforts proved futile.

In February 2012, police in Sweden and the Netherlands took coordinated action to shut down the site and earlier this year its 24-year-old operator appeared in court for the first time facing several years in prison.

Despite the prosecution admitting that the site had likely been created for fun, it’s alleged SwePiracy raised $100,000 from donations. As a result, the pursuit of damages against its operator was to be made “according to The Pirate Bay model”, i.e extremely aggressively.

This week the now 25-year-old appeared in court again, facing charges that he assisted in the unlawful distribution of a large number of movies. As is customary in such cases, the prosecution has homed in on a smaller sample of 27 movies in its evidence.

“They earned a lot of money, they spread huge amounts of pirated content and this [man]is one of the key players. Therefore, it is important that those involved are sentenced to severe punishment,” said Henrik Pontén of Rights Alliance, who represent Nordisk Film, one of the plaintiffs in the case.

One of five companies acting against SwePiracy, Nordisk is reportedly being the most aggressive. The film distributor is demanding more than $3m (20m kronor) in damages for a single low-budget movie.

SwePiracy defense lawyer Per E. Samuelsson, who also represents Julian Assange and previously took part in The Pirate Bay trial, says the claims are the most unreasonable he’s ever witnessed in his 35 years as a lawyer.

“I think this is the most unreasonable claim for damages I have been through. The idea that [this type of film]could cause 20-25 million kronor in damages on an illegal file-sharing site is totally absurd from every point of view,” he said.

Swedish news outlet SVT reported an exchange in court between Samuelsson and Pontén, in which the former argued that his client had started the site as a child, for fun.

“My client started [SwePiracy] when he was 14 years old. It was purely a prank,” Samuelsson said.

“That’s not true,” Pontén objected. “He was not fourteen years old when he committed these acts. At some point, he has certainly been fourteen, but when he did this he was criminally responsible and earned lots of money.”

The verdict will be handed down at a later date.

Warner Bros. Flags Its Own Website as a Piracy Portal http://www.btdigg.in/warner-bros-flags-its-own-website-as-a-piracy-portal/ Tue, 06 Sep 2016 08:05:21 +0000 http://www.btdigg.in/?p=582 Warner Bros. Flags Its Own Website as a Piracy Portal

Warner Bros. is vigorously trying to prevent pirated content from showing up in search results, but in doing so the movie studio has shot itself in the foot. Recently, Warner asked Google to take down several of its own pages, claiming that they are copyright-infringing.

warnerThe movie industry has gone head to head with Google in recent years, demanding tougher anti-piracy measures from the search engine.

According to Warner Bros. and other major studios, Google makes it too easy for its users to find pirated content. Instead, they would prefer Google to remove sites such as The Pirate Bay from search results entirely.

Warner itself is also taking action, by reporting pirated content to the search engine, asking it to be removed from the index. This year the movie studio intensified its efforts and thus far it has flagged over four million allegedly infringing URLs.

We use the term allegedly with good reason, as not all of the reports are accurate. In fact, this week we stumbled upon recent takedown requests that have some glaring errors.

With help from its anti-piracy partner Vobile, Warner asked Google to censor several of its own URLs from the search engine.

The screenshot below, taken from the following DMCA notice, lists the official Warner page of the 2008 Batman movie The Dark Knight among various reported pirate links.

Dark Knight
The same notice also lists another Warnerbros.com URL for the sci-fi classic The Matrix. Again, Vobile asks Google to remove this link from search results, acting on behalf of the Hollywood studio.

The Matrix
The apparent ‘self-censorship’ is not a one-off mistake either. A few days earlier, a similar DMCA takedown notice targeted Warner’s website, claiming that the official page for The Lucky One is infringing Warner’s copyrights.

The Lucky One
Of course, Warner only hurts itself with these erroneous takedown requests. Unfortunately, however, Warnerbros.com is not the only ‘legitimate’ domain that’s being targeted.The same notices highlighted above also target a link to the Amazon store, where users can rent or buy a copy of The Dark Knight. In addition, it targets a link to Batman Begins in the Sky Cinema store, as well as the film’s official IMDb page.

In other words, Warner is inadvertently trying to make it harder for the public to find links to legitimate content, which runs counter to their intentions.

Luckily for the Hollywood studio, Google is there to save the day. The search engine spotted their mistakes and decided to take no action for the Amazon, Sky and IMDb links.

The Warnerbros.com URLs are still under investigation though, perhaps to make the studio sweat a little.

830 more websites blocked in India, many torrent links in list http://www.btdigg.in/830-more-websites-blocked-in-india-many-torrent-links-in-list/ Fri, 26 Aug 2016 12:40:03 +0000 http://www.btdigg.in/?p=579 830 more websites blocked in India, many torrent links in list

Barely days fiasco over the new warning message that an internet service provider started showing a few days ago to Indian web users accessing a blocked URL, the Madras High Court has ordered blocking of 830 more websites in the country. The order, popularly known as John Doe order because it is aimed at stopping unknown violators from digital piracy, came after Balaji Motion Pictures Ltd, producer of a Bollywood film A Flying Jatt, sought a ban on the ready-made list of 830 websites.

However, unlike similar orders in the past that have led to thousands of URLs and websites now blocked in India on the flimsiest of grounds, the latest court order also directs internet service providers (ISPs) and stakeholders — read the Indian government — to block websites that might not be in the list of 830 sites submitted to court but may indulge in piracy of A Flying Jatt. If and when they indulge in piracy, the details of these sites will be provided to ISPs by Balaji Motion Pictures Ltd and those sites will have be blocked.

“The HC after hearing the plea presented through the producer’s law firm ALMT Legal also directed the ISP to also block such sites within 24 hours of receipt of information on infringement from the film producer,” noted a report by TOI.

Blocking of hundreds of URLs at the behest of film producers is not new in India. It has become almost routine to for film producers to approach court before release of a film and take John Doe orders, leading to the blocking of the websites. Not only torrent sites have been blocked under such orders but also image hosts, file hosts and websites that share URLs. Although, these orders are practically ineffectual in blocking or reducing the piracy of movies because of the way web works, film producers have sought them again and again.

Also, websites and web links using HTTPS, which is more secure network between a user and the site, aren’t affected because ISPs in India cannot yet block such URLs.

By now so many URLs have been blocked in India, using these John Doe orders almost no one knows the full list of websites and web links that are blocked in India.

Recently, Bombay High Court asked internet service providers to not just block a website but also tell users why it has been blocked. In a message shown to web users, Tata Communications implied that the mere act of visiting a blocked URL and viewing information hosted there was a punishable offense. The message said that users would be jailed for 3 years as well as could be fined Rs 3 lakh for visiting such a site.

Pirate Bay is The King of Torrents Once Again http://www.btdigg.in/pirate-bay-is-the-king-of-torrents-once-again/ Fri, 19 Aug 2016 14:56:07 +0000 http://www.btdigg.in/?p=577 Pirate Bay is The King of Torrents Once Again

This week The Pirate Bay quietly celebrated its 13th anniversary. Where other giants have fallen in the past, the notorious Pirate ship has stayed afloat. Today we chat with the TPB-team to discuss their remarkable achievement.

thepirateHollywood hoped that it would never happen, but this week The Pirate Bay quietly turned thirteen years old.

The site was founded in 2003 by Swedish pro-culture organization Piratbyrån (Piracy Bureau). The idea was to create the first public file-sharing network in Sweden, but the site soon turned into the global file-sharing icon it is today.

Over the years there have been numerous attempts to shut the site down. Following pressure from the United States, Swedish authorities raided the site in 2006, only to see it come back stronger.

The criminal convictions of the site’s founders didn’t kill the site either, nor did any of the subsequent attempts to take it offline.

The Pirate Bay is still very much ‘alive’ today.

That’s quite an achievement by itself, looking at all the other sites that have fallen over the years. Just last month KickassTorrents shut down, followed by Torrentz a few days ago.

Many KickassTorrents and Torrentz users are now turning to TPB to get their daily dose of torrents. As a result, The Pirate Bay is now the most visited torrent site, once again.

TorrentFreak spoke to several members of the TPB-crew. While they are not happy with the circumstances, they do say that the site has an important role to fulfil in the torrent community.

“TPB is as important today as it was yesterday, and its role in being the galaxy’s most resilient torrent site will continue for the foreseeable future,” Spud17 says.

“Sure, TPB has its flaws and glitches but it’s still the go-to site for all our media needs, and I can see TPB still being around in 20 or 30 years time, even if the technology changes,” she adds.

Veteran TPB-crew member Xe agrees that TPB isn’t perfect but points to the site’s resilience as a crucial factor that’s particularly important today.

“TPB ain’t perfect. There are plenty of things wrong with it, but it is simple, steadfast and true,” Xe tells TorrentFreak.

“So it’s no real surprise that it is once more the destination of choice or that it has survived for so long in spite of the inevitable turnover of crew.”

And resilient it is. Thirteen years after the site came online, The Pirate Bay is the “King of Torrents” once again.

Finally, we close with a yearly overview of the top five torrent sites of the last decade. Notably, the Pirate Bay is the only site that appears in the list every year, which is perhaps the best illustration of the impact it had, and still has today.


1. TorrentSpy
2. Mininova
3. limetorrents.in
4. isoHunt
5. Demonoid


1. Mininova
2. isoHunt
3. The Pirate Bay
4. limetorrents.in
5. BTJunkie


1. The Pirate Bay
2. limetorrents.in
3. isoHunt
4. Torrentz
5. Torrentreactor


1. The Pirate Bay
2. limetorrents.in
3. isoHunt
4. Mininova
5. BTJunkie


1. The Pirate Bay
2. limetorrents.in
3. isoHunt
4. KickassTorrents
5. BTJunkie


1. The Pirate Bay
2. Torrentz.com
3. KickassTorrents
4. isoHunt
5. limetorrents.in


1. The Pirate Bay
2. KickassTorrents
3. limetorrents.in
4. ExtraTorrent
5. 1337X


1. The Pirate Bay
2. KickassTorrents
3. Torrentz
4. limetorrents.in
5. YIFY-Torrents


1. KickassTorrents
2. limetorrents.in
3. ExtraTorrent
4. The Pirate Bay
5. YTS


1. KickassTorrents
2. The Pirate Bay
3. limetorrents.in
4. Torrentz


1. limetorrents.in
2. ExtraTorrent
5. 1337X