Google Plans to Include More Privacy Controls in Android M – Report


Google Plans to Include More Privacy Controls in Android M – Report

Google is expected to announce the next version of Android on May 28 during its I/O conference for developers. Along with the Android M unveil, the search giant is likely to provide us with more information with what the new version of the OS will bring.

It’s usually a good thing when launching a new version of an application or operating system to try and make it better than the previous releases. The easiest way to do that is by taking the weakest points you can find and eliminate them or turn them into benefits.

One of Android’s weak points is security and privacy controls and it looks like Google is perfectly aware of that. This is probably one of the reasons the company has decided to give Android users more control over what applications they install on their smartphones can access.

A new report coming from Bloomberg claims that source who prefer to remain rather anonymous confirmed that Google will offer users more detailed choice over what applications can access.

For example, these new privacy control options may include photos, contacts or location. Basically, if you want you can prevent a weather application from accessing your location. The same goes for another app that is trying to access your photos or contacts.

Extra security features are always a good thing

This certainly looks like a second layer of security after Google provided Android users with information on what an application wants to access, so they can choose whether or not to download it.

This year Android M will bring these new privacy control features which will give users more power over the software that is running on their smartphones.

For the time being, it’s unclear whether or not the new feature will only be available in Android M, or it will be extended to previous versions of the operating system.

As we’re getting closer to Android M’s unveil, we expect more details on the platform to emerge online, so stay tuned for more updates on the matter.


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