KickassTorrents Down, Blocked News: BitTorrent Sites EZTV Blocked in Europe in Online Piracy Crackdown


KickassTorrents Down, Blocked News: BitTorrent Sites EZTV Blocked in Europe in Online Piracy Crackdown

Denmark has successfully blocked popular file sharing sites like Kicka–Torrents, Rarbg, EZTV, and other file sharing portals after copyright infringement complaints were leveled against them.

KickA–Torrents, Rarbg, EZTV and dozens of other file sharing portals, have been effectively blocked in Europe after Denmark put a ban on the BitTorrent sites following allegations of pirated downloads made by a copyright enforcement group.

After unsuccessfully attempting to block The Pirate Bay this year, Denmark, who is spearheading the fight against torrent sharing portals, set their sights on other widely used peer-to-peer file sharing websites, including IsoHunt, TubePlus and dozens of others that provide streaming movies and television shows, as well as torrent downloads for millions of users around the world.

These file sharing sites were shut down based on complaints from Rights Alliance, a copyright watchdog that filed their request with a Danish Court to force ISPs to block access to sites that have been hosting or linking to the illicit content sharing providers.

Rights Alliance has been dogged in their fight to educate Internet users regarding copyright infringement and the issues created due to piracy. They have stressed their goal is to steer the public in the right direction in terms of online entertainment, and to lead them away from sites offering pirated content.

BitTorrent portals have established a protocol of switching from one domain to the next to stay a step ahead of ISP blockades and website seizures. According to insiders, this strategy, successfully adopted by The Pirate Bay, as well as other online torrent distribution groups, have effectively helped these sites amass even more users.

“Blocking is the greatest thing that can happen to your site,” one BitTorrent site administrator revealed in a TorrentFreak report. “Whoever is blocking the sites is actually doing us a favor by telling the users that they can’t open the site, thus making the users want to open the site even more.”

A day after the seizure, Kicka–.so switched to an alternative proxy, making their downloadable content available once more to their millions of users despite their being one of the primary targets of the Danish copyright infringement takedown. EZTV has also been reported to have returned to its active state online.


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