Microsoft Official Confirms “Windows 10 Is the Last Version of Windows”


Microsoft Official Confirms “Windows 10 Is the Last Version of Windows”

With Windows 10, Microsoft’s going to change pretty much everything about its Windows model, so in addition to offering the operating free of charge to previous Windows users and switching to a continuous update process rather than a monthly cycle, the company is also planning to change its approach to new releases.

Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft Developer Evangelist, said at the Ignite conference in Chicago that Windows 10 “is the last version of Windows, so we’re always working on Windows 10.”

While his statement seems to be hiding lots of untold details about Windows 10, it’s really easy to understand the message, given the fact that plenty of information on Microsoft’s new approach has already been leaked to the web.

Large updates instead of stand-alone releases

Saying that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows is only half true. In fact, Microsoft will start working on large updates instead of stand-alone Windows releases, so the company would switch from a model that previously brought us new versions of Windows every three years, to a simpler one that’s likely to bring big updates every two months.

What’s more, security and feature updates will be shipped when they’re ready, so Windows users will always be up to date with the latest goodies developed by the company, without the need to wait for a specific rollout based on a pre-defined schedule.

Since large updates will become a top priority for Microsoft, the company will also change the naming system for Windows, so instead of Windows X (where X is a number), the new operating system would be simply called Windows.

Basically, Microsoft will launch updates for Windows, and all devices will be running Windows, including phones, tablets, HoloLens, and PCs. Windows will become the core of everything, and last but not least, will help Microsoft raise the customer appeal of its products with one of the biggest brands right now.


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