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Hakeem Hashmi has a fantasy to spread the Right Sex Education and the proper help to recover from Sex Problems and other health issues, around the world, on the grounds that he accepts that the majority of the Sex Problems are there because of Lack of Sex Education and the proper help in time to the individual who is suffering with Sex Problems.

Here we are attempting to change over his Dream into Reality by giving the Right Sex Education through the Articles and Newsletters and so forth and attempting to help individuals, those are suffering with Sex Problems, through our Online Consultation.

We are additionally helping Men to conclude that they are enduring with sexual issues or not through our online check program me "Rate Your Sex Life".

Presently we look for your co-operation to spend some time on our site and experience its contents and if you like it then, welcome you companions likewise to go along with it, in light of the fact that we together can make a Whole New World where Sex Education will be more and Sex Problems will be lesser.

Continue going to check new changes and provide for us your valuable input about our site, services and the endeavors we are making to bring individuals out of the Sex Problems and other health issues, in this way, that we can enhance more to help everybody.

Terms and conditions:

The Web Site is an online data service gave by Hakeem Hashmi, subject to your consistence with the terms and conditions put forward below.

If it’s not too much trouble read this document deliberately before getting to or using the site. Your consent to be done according to the terms and conditions put forward below. In the event that you don't wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may not get to or utilize the site. Hakeem Hashmi may change this agreement whenever, and such modifications might be compelling promptly after posting of the modified agreement on the site. You consent to audit the agreement intermittently to be mindful of such modifications and your proceeded with access or usage of the site should be regarded your conclusive acknowledgement of the modified agreement.

  • Your must be over 18 yrs.
  • Each customer/client will get his/her different customer id and secret word and he can view and answer his/her exchange through his/her record.
  • It is patient/client obligation to keep the client id and password securely to keep the protection of his/her case discussion.
  • Website's Administrator can boycott any client anytime if we think he/she is making problem on our webpage or doing the things those against our approaches.
  • Website/specific area's director additionally maintains all authority to drop unverified records or records that have been idle for quite a while.
  • All the feedbacks have been put together by the visitors/users/patients.
  • All the comments have been submitted the users in the article’s area to every specific article.
  • All the clients can submit their remarks for the articles they read and it is will exclusively site/specific segment's head's discretion to publish it or not to publish.
  • Faq's area give the general data about the frequently asked questions identified with sexual health and different issues, its data may not be relevant on every person.
  • All articles give the general data/tips about the specific subject these data/tips may not be applicable on every person.
  • All the guests/clients can submit their feedbacks in the testimonial segment and its exclusively administrator’s discretion to distribute it or not to distribute.
  • All the clients can welcome any number of friends to join/visit the site.

Terms and conditions if Payments cancel or refunds:

  • We are giving both payment modes online and offline.
  • It is patient/client obligation to give right data intentionally to the online installment on the online payment portal's webpage i.e Paypal, EBS and so forth.
  • In instance of any abuse of his/her credit card's points of interest because of any reason the site should not be considered responsible.
  • For the logged off payment the patient/client will need to give site/specific area's Administrator the exact payment details and in the wake of getting the affirmation the Administrator will endorse it to begin the discussion.
  • IF you make the payment for counseling or treatment can't be Canceled because of any Reason and all the payments are non refundable.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy:

  • we don't promise any cure of any issue/Disease; we give the best conceivable Suggestions and Treatments.
  • We don't assume any liability if anybody gets any side effect or whatever other Harmful influences what so ever because of our Advise or Treatment.
  • Visit our privacy policy.