What Will Google Call Android M?


What Will Google Call Android M?

Google I/O 2015 developer conference is expected to kick-start in San Francisco on May 28, and the search giant has recently shared the schedule for the busy week, slipping in some tantalizing clues about what we should expect to see get announced.

Google will apparently follow its yearly pattern of unveiling a new version of Android during the event. Last year, it was all about Android L (which turned into Lollipop), but in a few weeks, everyone will be waiting to hear the company talk about Android M.

Unlike in previous years, not much info about Android M has been revealed so far. Prior to the announcement of Android L, the rumor mill was already hypothesizing that the new iteration of the platform would be called Lemon Meringue Pie (a hypothesis which turned out to be fake).

So now, the question is: what will M inspire Google to call the next version of Android? A while ago, we showed you a concept video of Android 6.0 Muffin and you can check it out below once again.

But there are plenty of other variants to take into consideration. We thought of a few possibilities, including:

– Macaron

– Mocha

– Milkshake

– Marshmallow

– Marble Cake

– Mint (Linux fans, wink-wink)

– Milky Way

– Mars


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